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We Teach Languages

a podcast about language teaching from the diverse perspectives of teachers


We Teach Languages is a weekly podcast series produced by Stacey Johnson (Vanderbilt University) in partnership with PEARLL. Through interviews and conversations teachers explore the question, “What does excellent language teaching look like?” Supported by a team of volunteers, We Teach Languages, in addition to new episodes released every Fridays, produces a weekly newsletter, episode guides and other professional learning resources. Through the PEARLL partnership every episode is transcribed with transcripts. Future work will include aligning episode content to indicators of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework.

Episode 144

In ep 144, Stacey interviews Dr. Priscilla Layne about her teaching and research, both of which include the language and literature of immigrant and Black German communities.

WTL – Episode 143

We Teach Languages Episode 143: Highlighting Black Communities and Culture in the Spanish Classroom with Regina O’Neal View the transcript here: 143_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 142

We Teach Languages Episode 142: Language Legitimacy and Imagining New Educational Contexts with Jonathan Rosa View the transcript here: 142_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 141

We Teach Languages Episode 141: Accent, Race, Work, and Teaching Pronunciation with Vijay Ramjattan View the transcript here:  141_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 9 (Rerun)

We Teach Languages Episode 9 (rerun): Performance Assessment in a Fully Online College Spanish Course with Claire Knowles View the Transcript here: 9-rerun_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 140

We Teach Languages Episode 140: Heritage Language Maintenance with Angelica Amezcua View the transcript here: 140_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 139

We Teach Languages Episode 139: Teaching Linguistic Variation such as Voseo in Spanish with Matthew Griffin View the Transcript here:  139_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 138

We Teach Languages Episode 138: IPAs, A Review of the Literature, and Steps to Move Forward with Stephanie Madison View the transcript here: 138_WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 137

We Teach Languages Episode 137: Emotional Labor with Elizabeth Miller View the transcript here: 137_ WTL Transcript

WTL – Episode 136

We Teach Languages Episode 136: Speaking Blackness in Brazil, Identity, and Investment with Uju Anya View the transcript here: 136_WTL Transcript